About Me

      I have had a love for all things wedding since I can remember. So as you can probably guess, I’ve had my own wedding planned out for some time (think years…). People would always laugh and say “you have everything but the groom”. Hence, the inspiration for the name of my blog. I have been lucky enough to find my groom- a sweet quintessential “southern gentleman” who flies P3’s in the Navy. *Engagement and wedding pending on my success of taking the world by storm-lol* So what gives me the right to be handing out advice? Nothing really…But I did work at a bridal shop in my hometown of Pensacola,FL for a period of time. I learned so much and realized just how daunting planning a wedding can be for most brides. “When do I need to order my dress?” “Do you wear your veil at your reception?” and “Can I wear my dress bustled for the actual ceremony?” were some of the commonly asked questions by brides. I hope to provide straightforward answers and advice to make the wedding planning process an enjoyable one. Even if you’re not planning a wedding- please feel free to enjoy the fun ideas and inspiration posted on my blog!