Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New York, New York

Ok, so this post is waaaay overdue- but since I was out-of-town all of May, part of June, and most of the July festivities have ended, I'm just now getting a chance to write about New York. For graduation, my Dad took me to New York City. He's been promising me since high school that he'd take me on one of his international trips before I wasn't considerd a dependent anymore. We were supposed to go to Paris, but the volcano eruption ruined that. New York City wasn't too shabby of a second choice though and my Dad did it up right for me. We saw all the usual sites, took pictures with the bull (hey! I'm a business major so it's only fitting...), saw the Blue Man Group and Enron, and did lots of SHOPPING. Bless his heart, my Dad was a trooper.
My favorite part of the trip was the trip we took to Ellis Island. My Dad's great-grandfather came through there and while we didn't find him in the archives (we're not exactly sure how he spelled his surname since he most likely shortened it), it was really neat to get to see what all he went through and experienced while waiting to get into America. My second most favorite part had to be our visit to *drumroll please* the Pronovias flagship store and Tiffany's (it was a tie). Pronovias was our biggest seller at the shop I worked at so it was neat to go and see the flagship store in NYC. Since you had to have an appointment, I didn't get to explore all of their store. But the 2 dresses in the window were amazing! The one on the left is my favorite : )

Next stop was Tiffany's. I sent a picture of me outside the store to D to his phone- he wasn't amused. My Dad suggested we go up to the 5th floor (or maybe it was the 4th? whichever one had the registry stuff) and IT.WAS.AMAZING. Good suggestion Dad! they had a gorgeous dinner table set up as soon as you exited the elevator and the was a desk with a Tiffany-blue old-fashioned typewriter on it. Absolutely gorgeous. As I was looking at the monogrammed silverware (and I immediately decided that I was going to have mine monogrammed) a song started playing with these lyrics: "dreams come true"- coincidence? I think not! I told my Dad to listen to the song after showing him the silverware and he rolled his eyes at me. I sighed and told him that I needed my friend C here because she would totally get it. He rolled his eyes again and shook his head. I also found this gorgeous porcelain replica of the famous Tiffany ring box.This would be a great first anniversary gift or even a day-of-the-wedding gift from the groom to the bride if her rings were from Tiffany's. What better way to keep your rings safe than in a Tiffany box that will last a lifetime? I know, I know, I'm cheesy..but oh well- it's part of my charm ; ). So all in all, the trip was wonderful. I had a great time getting to spend some time with my Dad before I joined the *gasp* adult world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Totally Unique: blue magpie

I found these beautiful wedding invitations on Ever Ours yesterday and just had to share.

Look closely...they're made out of fabric! How neat is that?!!?

You can find out more and see additional pictures of these lovely, unique invitations by blue magpie here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I'm Loving Right Now....

This dress....

The picture was taken during a photoshoot in Paris and I think the dress is the absolute embodiment of femininity. What do you think? (Picture via Classic Bride)